Monthly Archives: March 2018

Trips To Heaven?

Why are so many people talking about taking trips to heaven? There are some that are writing books about these “visits”, and creating movies. What is the fascination behind it all? Is it Biblical? Those that have had these supposed experiences, are they more spiritual than the rest of us? What should be our response … Continue reading Trips To Heaven?

The Gift of Suffering – Part 2

In this episode, we will take a second look at this unknown gift of suffering. It is part of the bitter cup we must and need to drink as Christians. This obviously is completely contradictory to what we are taught in our pulpits. Let’s face it, none of us want to suffer. But we must … Continue reading The Gift of Suffering – Part 2

The Gift of Suffering – Part 1

What? How in the world is suffering a gift? Well, it is actually a gift from God believe or not. This is something that is not taught from most pulpits. Suffering is deemed negative and brings much pain and sorrow to our lives. Find out through this podcast why God gave all true believers this … Continue reading The Gift of Suffering – Part 1